Lake of Menteith Fishery

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The Lake of Menteith Fishery, reputed to be one of the best fly fishing waters in Scotland, lies just off the A81 at Port of Menteith between Aberfoyle and Callander...Fishery Manager Quint Glen adjusting the oxygenated tanks into which fingerlings are transfered from the supplier's and introduced into the Lake of Menteith's rearing chain of tanks, ponds  and fish cages before being released into the waters of the lake....The Lake is stocked weekly with around 1200 quality trout and yields an average catch weight of over 2lbs..Set in The Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park the lake covers 652 acres, with a survey length  of one and a half miles long by one mile wide, with a max. depth of 75 to 77 feet..On the largest of the lakes three islands, Inchmahome, stand the ruins of the Augustine Inchmahome Priory founded in 1238..On Inch Talla there is the ruined tower of the Earls of Menteith dating from 1248. .The smallest island is known as Inchuan or Dog Island..The Priory was the residence of Mary Queen of Scots who, as a child of 5, lived there for a few months before her departure to France in 1548.