Lochgoilhead on the Return of Alan Johnston

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A final wave BBC journalist Alan Johnston and his familyon the steps of his mother and fathers house "Nayali" after addressing the assembled media on the edge of the Nine hole golfcourse in Drumsynie Estate, Lochgilphead, Argyll and Bute,   Supported by his mother and father, Margaret and Graham, his sister Katriona and her husband Raymond Hogg. Graham is holding a bottle of 21 year old "Royal Salute" Scotch Whisky given to him by neighbours to celebrate the occasion..Freed three days before after 114 days incarceration in Gaza held as a hostage by a Palestinian group calling itself The Army of Islam. .Earlier he had flown that day from Tel Aviv to Heathrow and from there to Glasgow Airport before completing the approx. 65 mile journey  from Glasgow by road.